What is SEO content?

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What is SEO content?

SEO content is adding target keywords and keyword phrases into the content. SEO content can be written in two different ways.

  1. SEO content optimisation : This is where target seo keywords added into already written content. Content writers should be carefully optimise content with SEO keywords as adding keywords could affect the content flow.

            Risks – Adding content could affect the content flow as the target keywords could distort the content idea.

  1. Fresh SEO content Writing : This is when keyword research is done before the writing SEO content for web pages. Target keywords selected based on the relevancy and then initiate content writing with target SEO keywords.

Strategy behind good SEO content writing

SEO content writers should specifically focus and write content to end user not solely for search engines. They should give priority to readers.

Google new algorithms quickly detect if someone tries to spam keywords on content. Therefore, clear plan and structuring content is one of the best approaches to initiate SEO content writing.

Plan content – categorise sub headings

Keyword research – SEO specialist would assist to get the best SEO target keywords to write content based on search volume, relevancy and competition.Learn more SEO keyword research tips.

Structure content  – Allocate keywords in to each sub heading based on the keyword relevancy.


SEO content Ranking Factors

Search engines algorithm could help to determine the web page rankings on search engine ranking pages. First priority of content writing should be given to the users. However, when writing SEO content it is essential to keep in mind that SEO ranking factors play a huge role to make your content visible. Altogether, there are over 200 ranking factors which help to determine website ranking.  Content quality, backlinks, website speed content depth are few of them.

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