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What are SEO backlinks?

SEO backlink is simply a link created from one website to an external website. This process is also known as link building. 

What are the best backlink techniques available in 2022?

There are various link building / backlink techniques available. We have listed few backlink techniques below.

  • Directories
  • Niche directories
  • Guest blogging
  • Press release backlinks
  • Editorial backlinks

Why are backlinks important?

Backlink still play an essential role in SEO 2022. It provides various benefits for businesses to rank better. 

  • Rankings – Creating quality backlinks could improve the website rankings.
  • Authority – Good backlinks improve the website authority on search engines. Creating good backlinks could help to increase the domain authority of websites and increase the visibility.
  • Traffic – Creating backlinks on high traffic website could potentially increase the traffic to your website. 

How to identify good backlinks

  • Relevance – The most important thing when creating backlinks is to identify the potential backlinks based on the relevancy. Google will give priority to well-structured websites with relevant content and links.
  • Authority – Identify the authority of the backlink profiles and shortlist the potential backlinks based on the authority. Always give priority to high authority websites. 

Online domain authority checker

  • Traffic – Shortlist potential backlinks which contain high website traffic. Linking high traffic websites potentially drive traffic to your website.

How to get backlinks

  • backlink analysis – This can be done either using a SEO tool or using manual techniques.

Online SEO tools – Semrush and many online SEO tools help to conduct SEO backlink analysis and find out competitor backlinks.

Manual method – Doing a manual SEO backlink analysis is the other method.

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