Keyword Research – Uncover the Potential Keywords You’re Missing Out On

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Are you getting moreirrelevant traffic to your website? If yes, you are not alone. Most of the businesses struggle to identify the best keyword combinations. Find out why.

Before then, let me say this. The fact that you have higher engagements on your website is a positive sign. However, some traffic is negatively affecting the overall online presence of your business. 

Most website owners think getting relevant traffic to their website is a stroll in the park. But in the end, there is a twist to the story. The more traffic they are getting to their website with lower relevancy, the less productive the website is.

Sadly, this is probably your story and the story of several others out there. But here is the good news. You can change that immediately. 

Have you thought about the way you do keyword research? If you are using the basic approach to conduct keyword research, you need to think twice.

It is essential to keep up with the trends. As technology is evolving, industries are becoming more competitive over the last few decades. To preventirrelevant trafficfrom getting to your website, here are the three key areas to work on:

  1. Identify Target Audience
  2. Find topic clusters related to the business
  3. Keyword Research initiatives

1.Identify Target Audience

Why Would You Need To Identify Your Target Audience?

Identifying your target audience helps you to narrow down those who need your content. It saves you the energy and resources you would have used to target a wide range of people.

For instance, have you noticed that Lambourgini does not identify on TV? The reason is simple. 

Lamborghini is a luxury brand and the bulk of people who can afford their cars are less likely going to sit before the TV screen watching soap operas.

The same applies to content writing. Your content is not relevant to everyone. So don’t spend your energy reaching out to every one of them.

Target only that 1% of the world that will give you the conversion you deserve. Remember, it is a lot easier to control who can view the activities on your website, than controlling irrelevant traffic

There are two effective ways to identify and increase the quality of your visitors to your website. They include-

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1.     Questionnaire.

2.     Background analysis using online available resources.

Why would you need to create it?

Before initiating the content creation process, it is important to set a foundation for your content addition and ideally narrow down and target the most important customer base. It is a lot easier to find to control who can view the activities on your website, than controlling irrelevant traffic

Tips for questionnaire – 

·      Company and branding – Unveil more information about the company background.

·      Target market analysis– Discover different traits of customers based on the characteristics.

·      Content applicability and alignment – To identify the best approach to optimize the content and it would lay a foundation for future content marketing initiatives.

2. Find topic clusters related to the business

Every business has its niche and sub-niches. And each of them can generate over a thousand business topics. Make an important list of topics based on the topics related to the products and services you are selling.

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Make an important list of topics based on the topics related to the products and services.

Cluster the analyzed content into different clusters, as this will ensure that your data is arranged for easy identification.

o   Use website structure and analyze how the products and services are categorized.

Cluster accordingly. I.e, according to the attributes of the product, who needs the product, and where to get the product.

3.Keyword Research initiatives

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Lastly, you have to find the best keyword combination. You may want to start by studying your niche. After that, set a definite goal for conducting the research. 

Next, create a list of smaller bucket topics from the goal you had set earlier. Then, create a list of seed keywords related to each of the bucket topics.

Finally, you need the right good keyword research tool. This will help you regulate the search intent and identify long-tail keywords.

Here is a list of keywords research methods and tools:

  • Google suggest – long-tail keywords – This is one of the organic ways of finding the best suited keywords and also it will give most relevant keyword combinations
  • Google trends – Finding out the trend patterns would signal the researcher to identify the trending keywords. 
  • Semantic keywords – Technique which helps the researcher to identify best possible result based on the user intent.
  • Quora – Question based keywords are more popular when writing blogs. The keyword combinations can be further analysed and the question based keywords would help to build topic clusters and expand overall keyword presence.
  • Reddit – Contains a massive diversified audience. This tool would help to extracting best keywords and expand the keyword groupings

You may also want to find out about your competitors. See what they are up to.

Final Thoughts

Getting relevant traffic to your website is a huge step towards success. And that is why we have made taking that step a lot simpler for you. Follow the steps outlined above and turn your business around.

Start now and get quick results. You don’t have to wait for a miracle, it is already in front of you. Remember, not everyone knows the importance of relevant traffic to their business.

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