How to run Results-driven SEO Campaign for start-ups

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Are you a newly established business or a start-up in the search of innovative ways to enhance your digital presence? Digitalehive is an SEO agency for start-ups offering affordable SEO services to improve your website’s conversions and visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has proven to be an efficient method to increase and facilitate web traffic.  With the right SEO agency by your side, you will witness vast improvements in revenue, customers, and online presence.

Below you will find a few SEO techniques offered to bring awareness, brand equity as well traction to startup’s websites

Improve keyword rankings

Keyword research is one of the most critical element in SEO as it lays the platform to reach your qualified audience. Buyer persona is vital when identifying your target audience. Here are few tips that would help you to identify the target traffic. – How buyer personas improve your SEO performance

Improvement of keyword rankings is termed as one of the many SEO services offered. Primarily, SEO campaign should initiate with solid SEO base with the use of  low competition, high search volume keywords. This would be considered as the short term strategy as a start up it is always ideal to go for the low hanging fruits.

Once the website start gaining impressions and traffic to the website, the next approach is to target keywords with medium to high competition keywords with high search volume.

Improvement of keyword ranking is not the most straightforward facet. Although there exist a few methods start-ups could follow to enhance their keyword rankings.

  • Does measuring keyword rankings help?

As an SEO agency for start-ups, Digitalehive improves keyword ranking through ranking measurements for optimal results. 

The most appropriate keyword would be selected on the basis of search volumes and competitions. They will then be categorized on the basis of data gathered from start-ups websites.

This is while thoroughly understanding the baseline performance of keywords. 

Identification of landing pages, keywords that are valuable, and areas of improvement epitomize the idea of result-driven SEO services for start-ups.

  • What is keyword targeting for SEO?

Keyword targeting is carried out using a comprehensive keyword research based around the niche of the product or service.  Essentially, gather keywords based on keyword difficulty, search volume. Tageting keywords would have a positive impact if a keyword researcher looks at in a buyer intent perspective. 

  • What does fixing technical errors entail?

As an SEO agency deemed to assist start-ups, we also offer SEO services in the management of technical errors or issues. Technical errors are those that are capable of diminishing the organic visibility of keywords.

Content writing

Content writing SEO services for startups use topics relevant to the desired content. Essentially, Topical relevancy is critical aspect when developing the content strategy. Topical relevancy is basically focussing on niche topics rather than just targeting set of keywords. Google works according to a unique algorithm capable of picking up keywords or words incorporated in an article or web page. Therefore, making it vital for start-ups to consider and enrich SEO articles with keywords in an orderly manner.

Content writing can be regarded as the tool which grips an important fragment of SEO services for start-ups.

As the technology evolves, the user behaviour changes. In early days, Google is completely used as a search engine. However, with the changes in user intent, Users are potentially looking answers. Therefore, Google search engine transforming into an answer engine.

Developing content strategy is vital as it needs to connect with the user intent to make a successful turnaround in the industry. 

Structuring is key in SEO services involving content writing. For instance, you might have to play around with the keywords until you reach a strategy that works best for the content you are creating.

The use of long-tail terms or competitive keywords will assist start-ups to be successful in the creation of optimal content where SEO is concerned. 

Quality SEO services enable stat ups to draws traffic, go up the ranks and enhance search visibility  

Technical SEO and maintenance

SEO services pertaining to technical aspects and maintenance increase the speed as well as user-friendliness of startups’ websites.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO services concern the optimization of servers and websites. This enables SEO crawlers and will index sites of start-ups for optimal conversions and visitors. Services pertaining to technical SEO possibly one of the most effective methods offering technical rankings for start-ups.

Technical SEO contains the facets of indexing, crawling, the architecture of the website, and rendering.

Tips to consider at the start of the project. 

  • Website SEO audit
  • Website speed – Make changes sccording to GTMetrix and Google Speed tool.
  • Webvitals requirements
  • Content issues – Duplicate issues, meta lengths,
  • URL redirections

Website speed and performance is an important elements of SEO as they are considered as the key ranking factors. Google rolled out the new Google algorithm update recently ( May -2021) Known as Web Vitals, It mainly focuses on the website performance

What is SEO maintenance for start-ups?

SEO maintenance offered by SEO services is a continuous process, to say the least. 

As mentioned in website audit, businesses need to focus on the website health elements to get the best output from the website. Maintaining the health status of the website overtime would certainly help websites to run smoothly and perform better in the long run.

SEO maintenance checklist

  • Check content issues (duplicate content, missing content) – once a month
  • URL issues ( Redirection issues, 404 errors) once a month
  • Website speed ( cache clear)

Once a website is up and running with the requisite content, adjustments will have to be made as it progresses in order to achieve results that are satisfactory in the ranks. 

After all, reaching a high rank may take time, perhaps even months. The goal here would be to ensure websites belonging to startups remain on the top of the search engine once it does reach the top results. 

The longer start ups remain on the top, the higher would your overall ranking be.

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