How buyer personas improve your SEO performance

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Digital transformation has opened up more avenues for businesses to market their products and services.

SEO is essentially a practice of increasing the quality traffic to your website through organic search results.

Quality content is a one of the crucial factors which potentially has a major impact on the SEO reach and the search rankings. Buyer personas could enhance the quality audience targeting.

What is a buyer persona?

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Fictional representation of your ideal target audience. Essentially buyer personas are created based on market research and quantative analysis.

Basically, buyer personas help businesses better connect with their target audience.

Why SEO professionals need to consider buyer personas when creating SEO strategy.

Traditional marketers basically focused on the buyer personas in order to find best target audience and fine-tune their marketing strategies.

Have you ever thought how buyer personas affect overall SEO efforts of projects?

1.    Use buyer personas to increase the quality and relevancy of keyword research

Keyword research determines the keywords that your SEO efforts focus on. It lays the foundation for your on-page SEO including keyword mapping. Content creation and mapping would certainly help the buyer to navigate through the stages and purchase the product or service.

Better creation of buyer persona would have quality and narrow target audience which could directly help the businesses to promote their products.

Keyword research list can be further categorized into three categories.

When creating a website, it is crucial to categorize keyword list as it could help to take the user through buying cycle.( from navigational content to transactional content)

Further it would to improve overall SEO reach with targeting wide range of range of related keywords.

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a.    Navigational keywords

These keywords have relatively low buyer intent. Ie ‘What is SEO’ If the searcher is looking for the meaning of the word, it is highly unlikely the search would convert into a purchaser.  This does not mean that that the searcher would not buy services. It simply means that the user is in the initial stage of the buying circle. 

b.    Informational Keywords

Informational keywords could guide users to the pages where it contains general information about a product or service.

At this stage the user would build trust with the brand as the more free content available for user. I.e free keyword research guide 

Users would potentially subscribe to newsletters, guides etc.

c.    Transactional Keywords

Transactional keywords would guide users to page directly related to a product or sevice. Essentially focused on converting the user to a purchaser. The user who is searching for a specific transactional term determined and actively looking to purchase a service.

2.     Identify major issues in buyer personas which pinpoints to high intent keywords.

Digital space evolved over the years and the SEO competition is continuously growing. Consulting buyer persona is an effective way to identify high intent keywords. Furthermore, buyer persona helps to identify potential keywords related to the pain points.

Think: If you have any issues related to your service, what is the first thing you do? Search online.  Working backwards and analyzing the keywords would certainly help you to find related issues around target keywords. 

3.     Buyer personas would help to identify the keyword combinations of target market.

Identifying specific keywords according the target audience is crucial in SEO performance. Certain factors like age, location, gender etc. could impact the keyword selection. Therefore, identifying specific buyer personas and categorizing keywords based on that would have highly focused outcomes with a good accuracy.

Keyword phrase performance may vary specifically based on the target location. i.e You are optimising a website with a certain keyword and the target destination uses a different keyword phrase – you will miss out the potential target customer base.


Growth of digital channels would increase the complexity of identifying the target customer base. Businesses should put an extra effort and thoroughly understand buyer intent and offer them personalised solutions. Keyword research is the most crucial aspect in an SEO campaign. Therefore, usage of buyer personas could certainly narrow down the target audience and increase the quality and sales.

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