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What is Google algorithm and how it works?

Google algorithm is a set of instructions designed to find , rank and return the most relevant web pages for a particular query.

How it works – Essentially, there five different main areas (as Google stated) that could influence the result of a query.

  • Query Meaning
  • Webpages relevancy
  • Content quality
  • Web page usability
  • Context and settings

What are google algorithm updates?

When google wants to improve their algorithm, they announce the updates/new addition to the google algorithm as Algorithm updates.

Google announce their major algorithm updates as follows

  • Panda – 2011 – keyword stuffing, user generated spam, Duplicate content, plagiarized content
  • Penguin -2012 – Anchor text with over optimization, Spammy links.
  • Hummingbird – 2013 – content with low quality and Keyword stuffing
  •  Mobile – 2015 less use of mobile versions and poor mobile usability.
  • RankBrain – 2015 Lack of query-specific relevance; shallow content; poor UX.
  •  Medic – 2018 – Lack of authority on websites; weak EAT signals
  • Bert – 2019 – low quality content; lack of focus; lack of context.
  • Core web vitals – 2021 – Overall user experience
  • Core Updates -2017- present

What is Google algorithm in SEO?

SEO experts are well focused on the Google algorithm updates as their hard work depending on the rankings of the websites. Since google algorithm has direct impact on the search engine ranking, it is an essential factor to cope up with the updates.

As discussed earlier, Google algorithm has direct impact on SEO performance.

What algorithm does Google use?

Core Web Vitals – 2021

Google algorithm update 2021 is Core web vitals. Core webvitals basically focus on a web page overall user experience.
Overall experience is based on three major elements

  • Largest contentful paint ( LCP ) – Time take to load largest visual element of a web page
  • First input delay ( FID ) – Time it takes to respond to a user interaction
  • Cumulative layout shift ( CLS ) – Calculate total layout shift of a page
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