5 proven tips for driving organic traffic to your website in 2022 

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The first step of launching a modern business is to set up the website. It does not take much effort to make your website ready for the customers. But once the website is ready, the challenge is making yourself visible to your target audience.

You can find many quick ways online to boost your traffic in a few hours. These tricks will not attract the ideal customers who will buy your product or service. What for is a website if it does not convert the readers to actual customers? 

If you are looking for tips to drive organic traffic to your website, keep reading. We are sharing our tested and proven strategies with you in this article. 


Use long-tail keywords

Social bookmarking

Local listing

Blog posting

Featured snippets

1. Use long-tail keywords 

The term “long-tail” arises from its position in the search demand curve. Therefore, they are searched lesser times compared to the main keywords and might have several words in them. Long-tail keywords are more likely to be more specific phrases arising from a certain main keyword. It is important to understand that it is the search volume that decides what is a long-tail keyword, not the length of the keyword alone. 

As the search volume for long-tail keywords is low, you have a higher chance of ranking for these keywords faster. In other terms, such keywords with a low search volume have a low keyword difficulty score. Additionally,  when a search associated with a long-tail keyword is more specific, they will probably drive readers who are more likely to buy your product. 

You can find the long-tail keywords related to your product by using a keyword tool or google related searches. Some SEO experts suggest using google search bar suggestions to pick the long-tail keywords. But it lacks practicality as Google suggests the popular searches which is the opposite of what we are looking for. 

Finding it difficult to do it by yourself? Consult an SEO specialist in Sri Lanka to level up your SEO strategy.  

2. Social bookmarking 

Social bookmarking can take your website to many people who would not have reached it otherwise. These sites are websites where content such as blog posts, videos, and images from other platforms are shared. They allow the users to search, save, organize and manage content from many sources conveniently. These platforms also provide the answers to the queries of the users and suggest content that suits their interests. 

When you share your content on social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest, it creates a backlink to your website. A backlink is a link from your website to another or vice versa. The number of backlinks that a website owns affects majorly to its search engine ranking. Therefore, social bookmarking can help you reach more potential clients on other platforms while improving your search result ranking. 

3. Local listing 

    This is a very easy step to reach your ideal clients compared to the other methods that we have discussed above. Get your business listed in online business directories and they will suggest you for anyone who is searching for your service in your locality. 

There are many online directories you can try out including Google, Yahoo, and Yelp. Inserting your information to these sites will not take much time but it can sure drive a considerable amount of organic traffic. 

4. Blog posting 

Each and every business is providing a solution to a problem in their customer’s life. A potential customer will search for a solution to this specific problem in many ways and having a blog will help you appear before him as his savior. A well-maintained blog will build the trust of your customer towards you which eventually affect their decision to buy your product instead of your competitors’. 

Blog posting can create an audience for your brand and you have the opportunity to keep them updated about your business. You can also use the blog to get feedback and reviews from your customers which will help you improve your product while showcasing the satisfaction of your existing customers to the potential customers. 

5. Featured snippets 

These are the short text snippets that appear at the beginning of the Google search results. They provide quick and short answers in the form of definitions, tables, or steps. Such contents shown in the snippets are pulled automatically from the web pages indexed in Google. As these snippets provide answers for the searched question more specifically and appear at the top of the search results, these pages are more likely to get organic clicks. 

To optimize your articles to be featured in a snippet, you must start by searching for keywords that already have a snippet. Then you will know the type of questions that are featured n the snippet related to your keyword. Your articles should include the pieces of information that Google can easily put out from your website to its snippet. As an example, if the featured snippet related to your keywords includes a definition and a table, you have to make sure that your articles too include a short definition and table that answers the questions in the current featured snippet. 

For startups owners who just set up their businesses, there will be a limited time to spend on developing their online presence. As it is difficult to compete in the present business world without online brand visibility, you can hire a digital marketing agency like Digitalehive to get your job done. 

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